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Counselors Rock

COUNSELORSROCK.COM Information Coming Soon! Anna Duvall Director of Counseling and Advisement Lexington High School Lexington, SC 803.821.3400

Counselors Rock2019-01-14T11:55:35-05:00

South Atlantic Fire Rescue Expo

Firefighters from all across the South Atlantic area are descending on Raleigh, NC today.  Wilmington Grill is there with a booth!  Why you ask? Cause WG Grills are Firefighter Tough!   I'll be posting some pictures later from the EXPO and will also get recipe ideas from any firefighter who will offer any up!

South Atlantic Fire Rescue Expo2018-04-20T00:26:15-05:00

Uber Burgers

Uber Burgers – Modified Print Link Coming Soon Got this from my Ed – Thank you Ed! Uber Burgers are what they sound like – a big tasty meatloaf on a bun! (The good kind of meat loaf with well season real meat – not the elementary lunch line meat loaf…).  Uber Burgers are thick – yummy thick, so they take a while to cook.  Make sure

Uber Burgers2018-04-20T00:26:26-05:00

Grill Sabbatical

It's been quite here on Girl with Grill. GG is heading back from Michigan from a much needed break. Coming back with several new and interesting grilling ideas - keep an eye out for some new recipes!

Grill Sabbatical2018-04-20T00:26:43-05:00

Grilled Focaccia Yummy Bread

Grilled Focaccia Yummy Bread A great appetizer I use with lots of dish; chicken, uber burgers, steak, and more.  And it’s so easy you are going to laugh!     GG’s Rating:  Next time try more . . . (The try more is usually more balsamic to the dipping sauce) Sometimes it hard to wait.  Hard to wait in lines.  Hard to wait on red lights.  Hard to

Grilled Focaccia Yummy Bread2018-04-20T00:25:30-05:00

Weekly Whatnot

But GG - where's my weekly recipe? Well, I do this website on my own time.  It's a side passion that I put the little free time I have toward when I can.  I strive to put up something new once a week: recipes, ideas, grill maintenance, etc.  Please remember however, I do have a full time job. This weekend I was going to photograph and post

Weekly Whatnot2018-04-20T00:26:57-05:00

Margarita Chicken

Margarita Chicken Margarita Chicken Print Link Coming Soon Got this from my B – who got it from Taste of Home       This is one of the first things I grilled with my new Wilmington Grill.  My B found the recipe and loved it so I wanted to give it a try.  It is really easy.  Prep time takes all of

Margarita Chicken2018-04-20T00:27:12-05:00

GG’s Rating Scale

Where’s the take out menu Silence Grunt Next time try more . . . Burp Is there more

GG’s Rating Scale2018-04-20T00:27:19-05:00
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